Video is a baby to the art scene. But don’t let its age fool you. Video has a singular power among the arts to capture and convey emotion and feeling of people, concepts, and ideas.

Here’s some examples of videos we’ve made.

Union County Chamber of Commerce – You’ll See Union County

Union County Chamber of Commerce – You’ll See UC Activities

Eastern Oregon Workforce Board Promotional Video

Union County Chamber of Commerce – You’ll See UC Arts and Culture

Barreto Manufacturing RTK Tiller Video

Union County Chamber of Commerce – You’ll See UC Industry-Ag

video creative process

Our Creative Process Here's our process for bringing your video to life.

  • When you come to Brent Clapp Media Services to help you create a video, we start by trying to understand. Understand you, your idea, your business, your message. Whatever it is, if we’re going to convey it we need to understand it first.

  • Once we understand what you’re trying to communicate, we begin the creative process. Creation is collaboration, and we work with you to decide the best means, medium, and form to communicate what you’re trying to get across. Do we use a slide show? A visual montage? Do we work with long shots or short shots? Do we do testimonials? Function determines form, and we help you to conceptualize the exact form your video will take to maximize its communicative power.

  • After we come up with a concept, production begins. We will travel all over La Grande, Eastern Oregon, or wherever necessary to gather the interviews, shots, photos, and audio necessary to bring your vision to life. Patience is key in this step. Taking our time on-set to make sure that the shots we get are beautiful and evocative is absolutely essential to success in the remaining steps of the creative process.

  • We love it when a plan comes together. And after the in-the-field production process, this is when it all starts to come together. We use cutting-edge software in the studio to take the raw material from the field and bring it together into a cogent whole. Our editing team is trained in methods to craft our gathered footage into an emotionally evocative, informative, and moving final product specifically designed to inspire, inform, move, or otherwise communicate your thing to as many people as possible.

  • We enjoy this process. But we also enjoy it when it’s complete. There’s absolutely nothing like sitting across from a happy, satisfied client who is telling us that we beautifully captured what they were trying to express. And with every client that’s our goal: to sit across the table and watch their eyes light up as they see themselves and their thing displayed in front of them in video form.

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