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At Brent Clapp Media Services, we love to create! We’re the only fully-stocked production house in Oregon east of Pendleton.

At Brent Clapp Productions, we offer high-definition, 4K video production. We also offer studio, industrial, and wedding photography. We offer live-streaming services to help you to bring your event or conference online from anywhere, anytime. We also offer media conversion services to help you to keep all your past memories in the present.

So, what can we help you to create?


Create a high-quality, powerful video to evoke, impassion, and inform.


Capture evocative photos of that memorable moment or your business image.

Live Streaming

Live stream video for people to attend your event anywhere, anytime.


Have you ever felt like you knew what you wanted to say but just couldn’t find the words to say it? What you have is a communication problem. And in our modern world in which TVs, computers, iPhones and all sorts of other electronic gadgets are the single most popular method of communicating, lots of people feel this way. Maybe even including you.

Whether it’s your message, method, business idea, creative project, or service, you know you’ve got something of value. Something to offer. Something to share with the rest of the world. But unless you speak digital, in our modern world how will people ever know how cool and helpful it really is? And the result? You’re cool thing doesn’t get seen or heard or understood. That leaves you with this little piece of awesomeness without anyone to help or share it with.


And that’s where we come in. Here at Brent Clapp Productions, each team member has studied and practiced how to speak digital. We know, at least a little bit, how to capture your message creatively through different mediums. We want to help you broadcast it to the world digitally. Whether it’s through a powerful video that makes people feel how awesome you and your thing really are, photos to help you to remember how awesome you really were, or a livestream to broadcast your thing real-time to thousands of shared participants, we want to help you to communicate. And we know exactly how to do it.

Every creation starts with a vision. And at BCMS, our first step in the creative process is to understand your vision. That way we are helping you to the best of our ability to really make your dreams possible. After we are intimately attuned to your creative vision, we go into the pre-production phase, making all the preparations. The most essential part of creation is preparation, and we have learned at BCMS, don’t skimp on the pre-production!

After we have prepared, well, it pretty much just all falls together from there. During the creation process, we focus on quality and fun, the two elements absolutely necessary to successfully create. All of this leaves you you with a high-quality product and a whole lot of fun memories in the process.


But even if you can say your thing in just the right way, if nobody ever sees it, what good does it do? That’s why your ability to broadcast is essential to getting your message out for everyone to see!

But you have to remember, it’s not always the loudest or largest bird that gets the worm. Broadcasting is a science and a subtle art that ultimately requires understanding not just media but people. To understand how to broadcast it to understand people, and to have a successful broadcast you must know your audience. Understanding your audience and how to speak with them is essential. And we here at Brent Clapp Media Services are dedicated to knowing not just how to talk but who you’re talking to.

Here’s an example of some of our work.

CollaborateHere's some people we've helped already.

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Competent, Creative and Industrious

We found Will and Katie to be competent, creative and industrious. Filled with ideas, they thought outside the box to produce a successful product that we would never have dreamed of without their suggestions. They were prompt, polite and patient. – William Rosholt, Executive Director, Eastern Oregon Workforce Board
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Accommodating and Quick to Respond

It was our pleasure to work with Brent and his crew. Given a very short timeline, Brent was accommodating and quick to respond and follow up. His crew was easy to work with and produced a very high quality three minute video. We were very impressed with the end product. – Stu Spence, Director, Parks and Rec of La Grande

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