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Will Bowman
About Us

Brent ClappOwner and Founder

Brent Clapp has owned and operated Brent Clapp Productions since 2009.


William BowmanSenior Producer

William Bowman has been making movies since he was 13 years old. Moving to La Grande at 20, he studied Film Production and English at Eastern Oregon University. After graduating he began working as the senior producer at Brent Clapp Media Services and has been working for four years. In his free time he loves reading, running, and writing.


Katie ArnzenEditor / Graphic Designer

Katie was born just north of the Washington-Oregon border in Walla Walla. She made the move south in 2004 and spent her college years studying Film Production at Eastern Oregon University. But that certainly wasn’t Katie’s first filmographic rodeo: Katie’s been shooting photos and video since she was 12 years old. In college, she produced a short film Ignis Fatuus for her senior project. Outside of film and photography, she enjoys backpacking, horseback riding, outdoor activities.


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